EPD for Reco Nylon yarns

NUREL Reco Nylon EPD
EPD for Reco Nylon yarns

We have published our Environmental Product Declaration with information about the environmental impact of the production of our 100% recycled yarn.


NUREL aims to promote sustainability of all our products and processes. We are involved in examining the cradle-to gate impacts of our products by initiating Life Cycle Assessments.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®evaluates the environmental impact of 1kg of product by analysing all the different processing steps and following the international standards.

We have developed the EPD for our Reco Nylon yarns, 100% reclyed nylon yarns. This Life Cycle Assesment has revealed that, besides Reco Nylon performance is similar to standard nylon 6 yarns, this products has reduced dependance on non-renewable resources, mantains cleaner land fields and considerably decreases enviromental impact.

You are able to read our EPD at the Environdec official site.