NUREL participates in the FISFUMBIO project

NUREL FISFUMBIO Project Sustainable Functional Fibers
NUREL participates in the FISFUMBIO project

NUREL Synthetic Fibers participates in the FISFUMBIO project for the functionalization of sustainable fibers.


The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of Spain has approved the aid for the FISFUMBIO project, within the framework of the call for Challenges-Collaboration 2017.

In this project, the textile division of NUREL, together with the University of Zaragoza, will work on the development of new functional fibers without forgetting the efficient use of raw materials in processes that respect the environment.

We want to highlight the symbiosis that has been established between the two partners in previous projects, as well as their suitability for the development of this proposal: on the one hand, the experience of the University of Zaragoza in the synthesis and characterization of polymers and related materials and on the other hand, NUREL's knowledge in the manufacture and commercialization of textile fibers.

FISFUMBIO will work with biobased and recycled polymers to invent new innovative fibers that will not only have a sustainable development, but will reach the category of intelligent fibers

The project with reference RTC-2017-5992-5, will be financed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and the State Research Agency and co-financed by the European Union through the FEDER Funds, under the call RETOS - COLABORAZION 2017, whose objective is the support to projects in cooperation between companies and research organizations, in order to promote the development of new technologies, the business application of new ideas and techniques, and contribute to the creation of new products and services.