NUREL participates in the Multibiobarrier Project

NUREL Multibiobarrier Film Project Compostable Film
NUREL participates in the Multibiobarrier Project

For the development of flexible biodegradable film with barrier properties for food packaging.


The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) has approved the aid for the MULTIBIOBARRIER project, within the framework of the call for Challenges-Collaboration 2017.

The project, file number RTC-2017-6034-2, has the participation of NUREL as project leader, GAVIPLAS and AIMPLAS as technical coordinator.

During the project NUREL will work on the development of new biopolymers with a barrier to oxygen and water vapor far superior to the biopolymers currently on the market.

The objective is to replace the barrier structures used in food packaging, which are not recyclable and whose waste goes mainly to landfill (such as those based on polyolefins, PET, Polyamide and EVOH) by new structures based on compostable biopolymers according to EN13432 and with high biobased content.