10 challenges

Nurel 10 challenges Sustainability

10 challenges

For a sustainable NUREL

1. Reducing environmental impact
We are focused on improving resources efficiency, reducing GHG emissions and waste.

2. Environmental impact analysis
Our aim is to extend and renew the Life Cycle Assessments for our products.

3. Encouraging environmental awareness throughout the supply chain.

4. Innovation challenges with polymer and fibers
Our R&D is orientated towards more sustainable solutions.

5. Excellence in our value chain
Delivered through a culture of continuous improvement and learning methodologies focused on our customers and suppliers.

6. Promoting science and innovation in our community
NUREL, as part of the SAMCA Group, sponsors University Research Centers at on new materials and nanotechnologies.

7. Contributing to local economic growth
We assume our roll in the economic development of our community by promoting industrial investments in our area.

8. Health and Security compromise
Our goal is to have zero incidents that cause harm to our people and neighbors or put our facilities at risk.

9. Leadership and development for our people
We offer development programs tailored for employees.

10. Diversity and Inclusion
We actively promote equal opportunities among our employees.

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Sustainability means our compromise to achieve economical success by protecting our people and environment, by supporting our employees, taking care of our customers and community and by encouraging innovation among our stakeholders.