Nurel Sustainability People


Safety, Community & Team


We aim to act responsibly and to support a sustainable economical development of our community.

NUREL also sponsors local projects in science and youth activities in order to promote R&D vocations.

SAMCA has created and promoted research departments at the Universidad de Zaragoza in which NUREL cooperates with nanotechnologies, materials and science awareness projects. NUREL collaborates in the promotion of the Scientist figure on a published podcast series.

Nurel Sustainability People
Nurel Sustainability People

Safety and security

Our people are the most important asset in our company and we are aware that some of their activities may involve some risks. NUREL works hard to identify and minimize all these health and safety hazards.

NUREL has implemented a risk prevention policy and a continuous Health and Safety training program.

Our people

We actively promote equal opportunities and diversity. We train our leaders to promote sustainability thinking throughout our company.

We encourage diversity and inclusion; we aim to transform NUREL into an organization colourful in different values, knowledge and spirit.

We prioritize the wellbeing, health and safety of our people in all our processes and we aim to support the economical development of our community.