Nurel Sustainability Environment


We analyze and reduce the impact of our activities

Minimizing Environmental Impact

We strive hard to improve our efficiency and to reduce energy and water consumption, emissions and waste in our processes.

Our environmental principles, procedures and guidelines are defined in our Health, Security and Environmental protection policy. These are key priorities for NUREL, and always remain above any other target.

We identify environmental risks related to our operations and apply prevention procedures to avoid any environmental accidents. NUREL is ISO 14001 certified.

We analyze our impact on the environment. Therefore, we are committed to undertaking Life Cycle Assessments (EPD) of our products.

We work to recycle as much of our materials and waste as possible.

We recover all the generated industrial polymer waste for new polymer and fiber production, our RECO product range.

We are committed to develop and use waste reducing packaging.

  • 2011 The investment on a more efficient boiler in 2011 represented a 98% fuel and a 5% Gas reduction and a 21% COemissions reduction.
  • 2012 We increase the compress air generation efficiency and this represented savings on energy consumptions.
  • 2013 We improved the sewage plant.
  • 2014 Installation of new LED lighting in our premises. A waste reduction of 95 MT is estimated.
Nurel Sustainability Environment Facilities
Nurel Sustainability Environment Production Plant

100% Renewable Energy

SGS has recently stated that 100% of the energy used in our production site comes from Renewable resources.

NUREL is the first company in our sector to obtain this certification.

The SAMCA GROUP is accredited to produce around 3.5 Megatons of renewable energy from its Wind Energy, Thermo Solar and high efficiency cogeneration plants.

Life Cycle Assessment - EPD

NUREL aims to promote sustainability of our products and processes. Recently we are involved in examining the cradle-to gate impacts of our products by initiating Life Cycle Assessments. These LCAs enables to compare environmental impacts of similar products and processes.

Some of our customers have already examined the environmental impacts and effects of our products after they leave our premises.

Our expectation is to continuously improve our relationship with the environment by a strict planning and a detailed execution of all our processes, products and services