Inauguration of the NUREL Advanced Materials Centre


With the aim of boosting research and the development of new materials, NUREL has inaugurated a new Innovation Centre at its Zaragoza plant. The President of the Government of Aragón, Jorge Azcón, visited the facilities for this event, accompanied by Javier Luengo, the President of the SAMCA Group, Rubén Orera, the CEO, and the Management Board of NUREL.

The Advanced Materials Center, which covers approximately 1,000 square meters, is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and 37 pieces of equipment, including pilot plants for compound extrusion, 7 blow extrusion, cast extrusion and multilayer film extrusion, a polymerization reactor, and injection moulding units.

With a team of 21 highly qualified professionals, the centre will dedicate itself to promoting new lines of research focused on the sustainability of materials, weight reduction, recycling of technical polymers, replacement of metals, thermally and electrically conductive polymers, development of new multilayer structures and barrier materials for packaging, second-generation biopolymers, high-barrier biopolymers for packaging, and functional textiles.

This initiative reaffirms the commitment of the SAMCA Group and NUREL to innovation and sustainable development, marking a milestone in their journey towards technological forefront.

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