NUREL 50 years and more to come

Nurel 50 years 1968 2018
NUREL 50 years and more to come

NUREL announces that during 2018 our company shall complete 50 years of its establishment.


We would like to take this occasion to thank each of our partners for being an essential part of NUREL.

From its foundation in 1968 by ESSO Fibres, through the acquisition by the SAMCA Group in 1999, until today, NUREL has gone through many stages and has always been able to adapt to the rapid changes that our environment has experienced.

Without the support of our excellent team over the years it would never have been possible. Every one of our employees plays a very important role in the development of our company, their enthusiasm, support and dedication have brought us to this height.

We are also grateful to our customers who trusted in us over the years, their demands, challenges and feedbacks have pushed us to go further and to improve day after day. Our success remains incomplete without their support.

We thank you for all your contributions to NUREL, we aim to keep our business and relation growing with you and continue to provide you nothing less than the best. What matters the most now is what we do next.

NUREL 50 years and more to come