Biocircular Nylon

Nylon yarns from biocircular resources


NERIDE Biocircular is a nylon 6 yarn that utilizes resources derived from bio-waste materials. NERIDE Biocircular is sourced from materials such as used cooking oils (UCO) and by-products from the food chain.

NERIDE Biocircular nylon fibers are 100% of biological origin, with the origin of the raw materials certified by ISCC Plus.

Sustainable Benefits

  • NERIDE Biocircular plays a crucial role in decreasing reliance on non-renewable resources.
  • Bio-origin raw materials have a lower Carbon foot print.

biosourced nylon 6

NERIDE Biocircular provides from Bio-waste sourced materials, not competing with food chain:

  • Used Cooking Oil (UCO) only vegetable origin
  • Crude Tall Oil (CTO) by-product of the paper and wood industry
  • Different by-products from the Palm Oil production

iscc PLUS Mass Balance Certification

  • ISCC Plus Mass Balance Certification is a sustainability certification system used in the bioenergy and bio-based product sectors.
  • It ensures traceability and sustainability of materials throughout the supply chain.
  • The certification verifies that the production of materials follows predefined sustainability criteria, including social, environmental, and economic aspects.
  • Mass balance certification allows for the mixing of sustainable and non-sustainable materials in the supply chain.
  • It provides transparency and credibility to stakeholders by tracking the sustainable sourcing and use of materials in the production process.
ISCC PLUS is a mass-balance certification that provides assurance on the sustainable content of a final product.

NUREL's Circularity Process

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