Polyamide 66 for Injection

Promyde PA6 y 66

Polyamide 66 for Injection

PA66 is a high performance engineering plastic traditionally used in applications which require high temperature exposures.

In addition, its stiffness and good tensile and flexural modulus make PA66 an ideal material for applications requiring long-term repeated performance. Typical applications include: plain bearings or radiator caps.

Thus, NUREL offers a wide range of polyamide 66 compounds, with up to 50% reinforcement.

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PA66 para inyección, idela para la fabricación de aplicaciones bajo capó que necesitan un rendimiento repetido a largo plazo.

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Promyde - Injection

Our solutions for injection molding

Reinforced solutions

Our mineral filler, glass fiber and steel fiber reinforced solutions achieve the best performance for injection molding and extrusion applications.

Hydrolysis resistant

NUREL offers polyamide 6 and PBT grades, designed to provide resistance to moisture, coolants, fuels, oil and chemical corrosion, concentrated environmental exposures and high temperatures.

Thermal stabilization

PA grades with excellent long-term thermal stabilization up to 180ºC are available. Thanks to our innovative technology, we offer highly thermally stabilized grades free of metallic and halogenated compounds.

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