High flow solutions

Polyamide 6 high flow with reduced cycle time

Promyde High Flow B300 types have a different polymer matrix than conventional polyamides and other brands’ high-flow grades. Our High Flow polyamides combine high mechanical performance with increased production capacity.

Promyde B300 grades require processing at much lower temperatures than conventional PA6 and PA66, thus improving cycle times by up to 30%.

Thanks to our High Flow grades, 30% less clamping force can be set during injection while maintaining your standard process temperatures. This allows the use of smaller machines. In addition, Promyde High Flow B300 performs similarly to its traditional alternatives even in the most demanding fatigue tests.

All these advantages make Promyde B300 a highly recommended option both for the replacement of polyamide 66 and for replacing conventional types of polyamide 6 without fillers.

NUREL’s polyamide 6 polymers can be processed at a temperature of 30 to 45°C less, accelerating the cooling process.

Additionally, for those materials that require up to 60% glass fiber, our PA6 grades can improve their surface finish thanks to NUREL’s high flowing grades.

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Los polímeros de poliamida 6 de NUREL con propiedades High Flow aportan a las aplicaciones una menor fuerza de cierre.

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Promyde - Injection


Casings and protections

PROMYDE's polyamide compound housings and protections offer exceptional thermal and mechanical stability, enabling them to endure high loads and safeguard against impacts, vibrations, and harsh substances, even in demanding conditions

Electric Vehicle

We have been working for years on the development of specific engineering polymers for electric vehicles, providing solutions to new challenges, such as improving their autonomy, safety and sustainability.

Partes estructurales reforzadas con soluciones high flow fabricadas a partir de compounds de PA6 de NUREL.

Structural reinforced parts

Vehicle structures, such as handgrips, require specific high flow and surface finish solutions that allow temperature dissipation for proper operation.




Industrial sector demands special performance to meet the most demanding efficiency, durability and resistance requirements. Promyde® and Recomyde® polymers and composites provide technical and value-added solutions in the manufacture of industrial machinery and components.

Vehículos y transporte


Mobility and transportation has always been a leader in innovation for mechanical developments and process performance improvements. Thanks to our range of engineering polymers, NUREL participates in this race of continuous development with our offer in PA6, PA66, PBT and PET.

Eléctrico y electrónico

Electrical and electronic

NUREL polyamide PBT, PET and PBT/PET compounds are present in parts and components of electrical and household appliances. Parts molded with Promyde®, Proxylene or Recomyde® can be found in food processors, white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines and dryers.

Bienes de consumo

Consumer goods

Engineering plastics are used in a multitude of applications that reach the end consumer. Household appliances, tools, electronic devices, sports equipment and kitchen utensils all feature materials made of NUREL polyamide and PBT compounds.

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