Metal replacement

Polyamide and PBT compounds for metal substitution

Metals have traditionally been used in industry for the manufacture of parts and components. Today, engineering polymers, thanks to their good mechanical properties and excellent processability, provide greater freedom for component design and functional integration, weight reduction and cost savings than metals.

NUREL offers a complete range of glass fiber reinforced polyamide and PBT grades with up to 60% fiber content to replace metals in applications requiring high strength and weight reduction.

Thanks to the continuous research and development carried out within our R&D laboratory, NUREL has developed a new range of grades with thermal stabilization and hydrolysis resistance, which meet the technical requirements necessary for successful metal replacement in high temperature and humidity conditions.

In addition, special grades with thermal and/or electrical conductivity are available.

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Promyde - Injection



Compounds de poliamida resistentes al calor, estables a los rayos UV e, incluso, retardantes de llama de poliamida y PBT para la producción de cables, alambres y para protección de cables.

Cable jacketing

At NUREL, we provide heat-resistant, UV-stable and even flame-retardant polyamide and PBT compounds for the production of cables, wires and cable protection.

Corrugated pipes

Promyde B33 is commonly used for corrugated pipes of this diameter, and Promyde B36 and B38 for larger diameters.

Los compuestos de PA6 de Promyde pueden ser utilizados para la producción de cables de fibra óptica.

Optical fiber cable

Optical fiber cables are crucial in modern telecommunications. NUREL has developed a specific range of Proxylene (PBT) to reinforce and protect the delicate optical fibers within the cable. We also offer special grades of Promyde PA6 for optical fiber cables with high impact resistance requirements.




Industrial sector demands special performance to meet the most demanding efficiency, durability and resistance requirements. Promyde® and Recomyde® polymers and composites provide technical and value-added solutions in the manufacture of industrial machinery and components.

Cables y tubos

Cables and Pipes

Promyde® PA and Proxylene® PBT polymers for UL 83 certified cable, such as copper building wire, PVC Nylon tray cable, THHN cable and THWN Cable, fibre optic cable, as well as tubes and pipes for cable management systems.



NUREL offers a wide range of polyamide 6 homopolymers and copolyamides for monofilament applications such as guides for viticulture, fishing nets, cutting lines in lawn mowers, hot melt filaments for adhesives in sportswear and clothing, filaments for 3D printing, etc.

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