Modern construction has undergone a significant transformation thanks to engineering plastics, especially PA and PBT, which have become essential materials. Their durability, resistance to corrosion, tolerance to extreme conditions, and low maintenance make them economically appealing and efficient. In the construction sector, where environmentally friendly products meeting rigorous strength standards are required, NUREL offers solutions that replace metal components, enhance insulation, and reduce environmental impact.

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Promyde PA6  compounds are highly regarded in the construction industry due to their outstanding mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties. They are used in structural elements, insulation systems, and more, contributing to sustainable and efficient construction. Common uses of polyamide 6 in construction include thermal insulation in roofs, closures for windows and doors, corrosion-resistant pipes, durable screws and fasteners, lighting components, connectors, and electrical switches.


On the other hand, Proxylene PBT is employed in insulation applications for electrical components such as junction boxes and housings, thanks to its good electrical resistance, dielectric insulation, heat resistance, weather resistance, and dimensional stability. It is crucial to consider the specific requirements of each project when selecting the appropriate material for construction applications, including temperature resistance, chemical resistance, fire resistance, and dimensional stability.

Our range of engineering polymers for the CONSTRUCTION SECTOR

Promyde PA6 y 66

PA6 and PA66

Recycled PA6 and PA66

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Promyde - Extrusion

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Reinforced solutions

Our mineral filler, glass fiber and steel fiber reinforced solutions achieve the best performance for injection molding and extrusion applications.

High Viscosity

NUREL offers high viscosity grades in both polyamide for extrusion blow molding and extrusion processes and PBT for extrusion, pipe, cable and profile applications.

Hydrolysis resistant

NUREL offers polyamide 6 and PBT grades, designed to provide resistance to moisture, coolants, fuels, oil and chemical corrosion, concentrated environmental exposures and high temperatures.

Surface Finish

Promyde® offers a range of products specifically developed for optimum surface finish compared to regular glass fiber reinforced grades.

High flow

High Flow polyamide grades provides high mechanical performance and increased production capacity. Recommended for complex geometries and improvement of the surface finish of components.

Thermal stabilization

PA grades with excellent long-term thermal stabilization up to 180ºC are available. Thanks to our innovative technology, we offer highly thermally stabilized grades free of metallic and halogenated compounds.

UV Resistance

To increase the lifetime of parts exposed to sunlight, we offer compounds with UV resistant properties.


Corrugated pipes

Promyde B33 is commonly used for corrugated pipes of this diameter, and Promyde B36 and B38 for larger diameters.

Tuberías y tubos de PA6 para aplicaciones de construcción fabricados con Promyde.

Pipes and Tubes

Promyde® PA6 is widely used in pipe extrusion due to its exceptional strength, durability, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, corrosion, pressure, and chemical resistance. Additionally, the Promyde PA range offers flexible grades specifically for this type of application.

Los compuestos de PA6 de Promyde permiten la fabricación de ruedas para usos industriales y bienes de consumo.


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Láminas y perfiles de ventanas fabricados a partir de poliamida 6 de Promyde.

Sheets, bars and profiles

Used as components for industrial machinery and equipment, Promyde® polyamide 6 is the material of choice for leading producers in the extrusion of semi-finished products and solid bars for machining.

Compounds de poliamida resistentes al calor, estables a los rayos UV e, incluso, retardantes de llama de poliamida y PBT para la producción de cables, alambres y para protección de cables.

Cable jacketing

At NUREL, we provide heat-resistant, UV-stable and even flame-retardant polyamide and PBT compounds for the production of cables, wires and cable protection.

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