Our extensive experience in polymer science has enabled us to modify the crystallization capabilities of polyamide and meet new market requirements for PA6 with improved transparency solutions.

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Advantages of polyamides with improved transparency

A specific area of work of our R&D team has been the development of transparent polyamides in response to recent market demands. NUREL has been actively working on a development program to achieve improved transparency on polyamide polymers. Now, we are pleased to offer Promyde B930 P, B730 P, and B735. These semi-crystalline copolyamides provide superior transparency compared to conventional Polyamide 6 alternatives.

It should be noted that Promyde B930 P is recommended for applications under 60ºC and up to 2 mm thickness, while Promyde B730 P and B735 P maintain their transparency even at higher thicknesses.

Our transparent grades have a Haze value of 7%, offering a clear transparency with a subtle and attractive bluish hue.

Due to the enhanced laser transparency of the Promyde grades, it is now feasible to employ laser welding for thicker materials, resulting in an unparalleled surface finish and weld strength. Consequently, laser welding can now be employed for applications that previously necessitated alternative joining methods. Hence, these newly introduced Promyde Improved Transparency grades not only unveil entirely novel opportunities but also make a substantial contribution to the overall efficiency of the process.

Primary applications of transparent copolyamides

These transparent polyamides find diverse applications across various industries. Some of the key applications include:

  • Automotive: They can be utilized for decorative surfaces and liquid level indicators.
  • Window and inspection glasses, as well as flow meters.
  • Ink cartridges for printers

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Promyde - Injection


Casings and protections

PROMYDE's polyamide compound housings and protections offer exceptional thermal and mechanical stability, enabling them to endure high loads and safeguard against impacts, vibrations, and harsh substances, even in demanding conditions

Sight glasses and flow meters

Transparent polyamides are a reliable solution for manufacturing sight glasses and flow meters due to their mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and thermal stability.


Vehículos y transporte


Mobility and transportation has always been a leader in innovation for mechanical developments and process performance improvements. Thanks to our range of engineering polymers, NUREL participates in this race of continuous development with our offer in PA6, PA66, PBT and PET.



Industrial sector demands special performance to meet the most demanding efficiency, durability and resistance requirements. Promyde® and Recomyde® polymers and composites provide technical and value-added solutions in the manufacture of industrial machinery and components.


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