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PA, PBT, PET and PBT/PET compounds for day-to-day activities

Engineering plastics are used in a wide range of applications that reach the end consumer. Household appliances, tools, electronic devices, sports equipment and kitchen appliances all feature materials made of NUREL polyamide and PBT compounds in their components.

These applications require specific solutions for each component, from high thermal and mechanical resistance, abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, or are even used to replace metals due to their excellent properties and the resulting cost reduction.

In addition, thanks to our experience in compounding and our commitment to sustainability, we offer a wide range of recycled PA6 & 66 compounds, which improve the environmental impact of all types of products.

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Our range of engineered polymers for consumer goods

Promyde PA6 y 66

PA6 and PA66


PBT, PET, PBT/PET and PBT blends

Recycled PA6 and PA66

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Promyde - Injection





Surface Finish

Promyde® offers a range of products specifically developed for optimum surface finish compared to regular glass fiber reinforced grades.

Flame Retardant

We offer polyamide, PBT, PET and PBT/PET compounds with fire and electric shock resistance, complying with the highest standards and regulations. Halogen-free solutions are also available.

Thermal stabilization

PA grades with excellent long-term thermal stabilization up to 180ºC are available. Thanks to our innovative technology, we offer highly thermally stabilized grades free of metallic and halogenated compounds.


Los compuestos de poliamida 6 pueden ser utilizados para la fabricación de piezas para bienes de consumo, como las fijaciones de esquí.


Reinforced compounds of Promyde® PA6 are used in the manufacturing of ski bindings due to their lightweight nature, impact resistance, dimensional stability, and flexibility. They also exhibit resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures, enhancing the performance and durability of sports equipment. Additionally, with our Recomyde® line, these parts can be produced using recycled materials, contributing to sustainability.


Promyde's extensive range of materials are a commitment to technical and value solutions with excellent mechanical properties and finishes for the manufacture of power tool parts and housings. Reinforced (glass fiber) and impact-modified grades provide excellent compatibility in bi-material injection molding processes where they are combined with other materials, such as 2K elastomers.


Promyde® PA6 grades for extrusion are used in the manufacturing of monofilaments for lawnmowers and trimmers due to their flexibility, abrasion resistance, and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, temperature variations, and humidity.

Kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils made from reinforced PA and PBT are an alternative to metal due to their characteristics of strength, durability, and lightweight. These polymers are reinforced with materials such as fiber and glass beads to enhance their mechanical properties and scratch resistance.


NUREL offers a wide range of products, including PP, PA, and PBT specifically designed for use in structural parts and components of home appliances. Our materials are tailor-made to meet the rigorous performance and durability requirements essential for the operation of these devices.

Herramientas eléctricas fabricadas con PA6 de NUREL Engineering Polymers.


Reinforced grades of Promyde PA6 are used in the manufacturing of casings for professional-grade electric tools. These tools need to be lightweight while maintaining high impact resistance, temperature resistance, and dimensional stability, as they are used in both indoor and outdoor environments where efficiency is crucial.

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