Synthetic sausage casings crafted from polyamide are frequently encountered. These casings are produced using an extrusion method, wherein nylon is melted, blown, in three bubbles, obtaining a tubular form film. Subsequently, they are cooled and precisely cut into desired lengths. This style of casing finds application in a diverse array of sausages and processed meat products.

NUREL presents a dedicated selection of Promyde PA6 meticulously tailored for casing purposes, in addition to a novel line of polymers, designed to produce synthetic casing for smocked sausages with different levels of smoke penetration.

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Promyde PA6 for synthetic casing

In casing packaging, the material selection is contingent upon the precise requirements of the packaged product. Polyamide, recognized for its robustness, barrier and versatility, is commonly employed, while water soluble polymers such as Enoxite are also required due to their exceptional properties to achieve the required smoke penetration in the smoked sausages production.

Polyamide is extensively employed in the fabrication of synthetic sausage casings, offering several merits, encompassing uniformity, strength, and the capacity to create a shield against external contaminants, all while permitting controlled moisture and gas exchange. Its prevalence extends across the meat processing industry.

Envase de embutido de PA6 fabricado con la granza de NUREL mediante el proceso de film triple burbuja.

Barrier advantages of Enoxite for smoked sausage casings

Our innovative range of Enoxite products, in combination with Promyde, offers numerous advantages for smoked sausage casing applications.


  • Thermal and Long-Term Stability: Corrugated tubes made with Promyde 6 B40 L UV HS maintain their structural integrity and mechanical properties over time, even across a wide temperature range. This makes them suitable for applications in environments with temperature fluctuations and in compliance with UL1660 standards.
  • Mechanical and Abrasion Resistance: Our PA grades for corrugated pipe extrusion offer high mechanical and abrasion resistance, ensuring that the corrugated tubes can withstand tension, compression, and bending without sustaining damage. This provides protection against wear and friction.
  • Chemical Resistance: Promyde PA6 extrusion grades offer resistance to a wide range of chemicals, enabling the corrugated tubes to transport corrosive liquids, oils, or gases without deteriorating.
  • For Extra Flexible Piping Requirements: Promyde B40 P2 FLX FC, with a low modulus of 500 MPa, is recommended for highly flexible piping needs. It complies with food contact regulations and is ideal for coating metal pipes in food and beverage production.


Promyde PA6 y 66

PA6 and PA66

Polymers with ultra-high oxygen barrier properties

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