PA, PBT and PET compounds for electrical and electronic components

Our 50 years of experience in polymerization and our new fully integrated extrusion line for compounds allow us to offer a new range of products with guaranteed reliability, covering all the needs of a sector in continuous development and innovation such as the electrical and electronics sector.

NUREL compounds of polyamide, PBT, PET and PBT/PET are present in parts and components of electrical and household appliances. Parts molded with Promyde®, Proxylene or Recomyde® can be found in food processors, white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines and dryers. In addition, our polymers facilitate the manufacture of electrical connectors and fuse boxes.

Thus, we offer various grades in PA, PBT, PET and PBT/PET which provide excellent mechanical and electrical properties, while meeting the most stringent flame retardancy and flame retardancy requirements, offering properties that reach the highest values even at minimum thicknesses.

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PROMYDE ®: PA6 and PA66 COMPOUNDS for electrical and electronic applications

The Promyde PA6 and PA66 range offers unreinforced and glass fiber reinforced grades.. In addition, our entire product range is available in colors, with flame-retardant solutions covering all electrical and electronic application needs.

Promyde V0 for the most demanding applications

Promyde B30 P2 U0 T is a polyamide 6 with high mechanical strength, flexibility and improved impact resistance even in the most demanding conditions. Its halogen-free, flame retardant technology has a V0 flame retardancy rating and a GWFI of 960ºC. This grade shows a perfect combination of low toxicity and smoke density and a high LOI index, achieving HL3 qualification. In addition, Promyde B30 P2 U0 T has obtained an excellent hinge effect and excellent stiffness results at sub-zero temperatures in bending, torsion and tensile tests carried out in our laboratory.

Promyde testing and certifications for the electrical and electronics markets

Our polyamide compounds meet the highest safety standards in the market:

  • Promyde meets the stringent flammability safety requirements of UL 94 and UL’s Glow Wire test
  • HL3 grades according to EN45545 are available.

Advantages of Promyde's PA compounds for the electrical sector

  • High durability.  Strength and endurance for housings and protective parts
  • Provides optimum  electrical insulation  and temperature resistance for the manufacture of appliance components
  • Availability of   flame-retardant grades  for electrical connectors
  • Halogen-free flame retardant technology.
  • Thermally conductive and electrically conductive materials for parts with extraordinary requirements.


Proxylene’s PBT, PET and PBT/PET compounds combine excellent mechanical properties with low water absorption and flame retardant properties to offer new solutions to new design trends in the constantly evolving electronics industry.

The Proxylene PBT B95 product range offers unreinforced and glass fiber reinforced grades with V0, V2 and HB FR properties. GWFI 960ºC. Various certified thicknesses, including less than 1mm.

Disyuntores de poliamida fabricados con los polímeros de NUREL

Our range of engineered polymers for the electrical and electronics market

Promyde PA6 y 66

PA6 and PA66


PBT, PET, PBT/PET and PBT blends

Recycled PA6 and PA66

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Promyde - Injection

Promyde - Extrusion




Flame Retardant

Flame resistant grades that meet the most demanding requirements, from V2 to V0 in UL94 and a GWFI of up to 960º. Halogen-free solutions and EN45545 grades available.

Thermal stabilization

PA grades with excellent long-term thermal stabilization up to 180ºC are available. Thanks to our innovative technology, we offer highly thermally stabilized grades free of metallic and halogenated compounds.

Thermal conductivity

Promyde® has a new range of PA6 with added thermally conductive properties to provide solutions for new applications where heat dissipation is sought.

Electrical conductivity

We offer PA6 compounds with a wide range of electrical conductivities, from anti-static grades to materials with high conductivity grades (from 10 to 1012 Ohm).

Electromagnetic shielding

We offer polyamide compounds grades that can be used to absorb electromagnetic radiation or to carry an electromagnetic charge.


Electrical and industrial components

NUREL offers a wide range of technical compounds to meet diverse needs, including flame retardancy, UV resistance, thermal stability, and hydrolysis resistance. We also offer specialized features for electrical components, such as thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as electromagnetic shielding, all available in our product portfolio, which includes materials like PA6, PA66, PP, PET, PBT, and PBT blends.

Thermal Dissipators

NUREL offers the Promyde PA thermally conductive range suitable for replacing aluminum in heat sinks used in LED lights. This new PA6 compound facilitates efficient heat transfer away from electronic components, ensuring optimal operating temperatures. Combined with its electrical insulation properties and ease of processing, Promyde PA6 becomes the preferred material for manufacturing heat dissipators.

Terminal blocks

Promyde PA6-based terminal blocks are commonly used in automotive electrical systems, fuse boxes, and circuit breaker panels due to their ease of processing and favourable properties like flame retardancy, temperature resistance, and dimensional stability. They ensure reliable electrical connections and safety in critical applications.

Switches and circuit breakers

Our Proxylene® PBT and Promyde® PA6 compounds are used in the manufacturing of switches and circuit breakers due to their flame resistance, mechanical strength, UV resistance, dimensional stability, and electrical insulation. These compounds provide durability and safety in a variety of electrical applications.


Cables, lamp holders, LED heat sinks in PA; connectors and plugs in PBT; and diffusers and screens in PP are some of the applications of our range of injection and extrusion compounds. Additionally, NUREL offers compounds in Polyamide with heat-conducting properties to dissipate heat from LED equipment.


NUREL offers a wide range of products, including PP, PA, and PBT specifically designed for use in structural parts and components of home appliances. Our materials are tailor-made to meet the rigorous performance and durability requirements essential for the operation of these devices.

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