We have different solutions adapted to the needs of each product.


Reinforced solutions

Our mineral filler, glass fiber and steel fiber reinforced solutions achieve the best performance for injection molding and extrusion applications.

High flow

High Flow polyamide grades provides high mechanical performance and increased production capacity. Recommended for complex geometries and improvement of the surface finish of components.

Weight reduction

We have a wide range of compounds up to 20% lighter thanks to solutions reinforced with glass fibers and beads, mineral reinforcements and nanoclays.

Thermal conductivity

Promyde® has a new range of PA6 with added thermally conductive properties to provide solutions for new applications where heat dissipation is sought.

Electrical conductivity

We offer PA6 compounds with a wide range of electrical conductivities, from anti-static grades to materials with high conductivity grades (from 10 to 1012 Ohm).

Hydrolysis resistant

NUREL offers polyamide 6 and PBT grades, designed to provide resistance to moisture, coolants, fuels, oil and chemical corrosion, concentrated environmental exposures and high temperatures.

Flame Retardant

We offer polyamide, PBT, PET and PBT/PET compounds with fire and electric shock resistance, complying with the highest standards and regulations. Halogen-free solutions are also available.

Surface Finish

Promyde® offers a range of products specifically developed for optimum surface finish compared to regular glass fiber reinforced grades.

Improved transparency

NUREL has modified the crystallization capacity of the Promyde® polymer to offer new transparent, strong and resistant materials that provide new possibilities for the design of injected parts with high levels of transparency.

Láser Welding

These new polyamides have been modified to achieve a direct laser transmittance 4 times higher than the standard, while maintaining their mechanical properties unchanged.

Thermal stabilization

PA grades with excellent long-term thermal stabilization up to 180ºC are available. Thanks to our innovative technology, we offer highly thermally stabilized grades free of metallic and halogenated compounds.

UV Resistance

To increase the lifetime of parts exposed to sunlight, we offer compounds with UV resistant properties.

Magnetic Detection

These new electromagnetic polyamide compounds can be detected and removed by magnets and have the outstanding properties of polyamide 6.

Electromagnetic shielding

We offer polyamide compounds grades that can be used to absorb electromagnetic radiation or to carry an electromagnetic charge.

High Viscosity

NUREL offers high viscosity grades in both polyamide for extrusion blow molding and extrusion processes and PBT for extrusion, pipe, cable and profile applications.

Flexible solutions

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Metal replacement

Film solutions

Barrier solutions

We have two new and innovative food packaging solutions to improve the oxygen barrier and permeability properties of polyamides.

Sealing films

Specially designed for the production of thermoforming films and vacuum bags, Promyde's portfolio includes sealable copolyamide with low sealing temperature.

Low curling films

This range of copolyamides reduces curling in polyethylene-polyamide coextrusion, thus saving the post-treatment hot water bath.

High resistance films

Designed for the packaging of bone-in meat products in multilayer structures, Promyde improves resistance to tearing and puncture while maintaining optimum gloss and transparency.

Soluciones antivirales

Applicable to all types of polymers, VI_SAFE minimizes the risk of virus transmission by contact with surfaces.

Active packaging

Active packaging technology incorporates active ingredients encapsulated in the polymer to provide antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, extending the shelf life of packaged foods.



NUREL offers high-quality recycled materials, both pre and post-consumer, to significantly reduce environmental impact and decrease dependence on non-renewable materials. Our range of recycled solutions includes PA, PP, and PET


Thanks to our extensive range of copolyamides and barrier polymers, we provide solutions to achieve the recyclability of mono and multi-material packaging.


NUREL has developed a range of solutions with biosourced and biocircular content to reduce environmental impact and dependence on fossil sources.


The new range of biodegradable PA6 has been designed to biodegrade in both aerobic and anaerobic environments, thereby reducing its end-of-life environmental impact.
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