Electrically conductive PA6 compounds

One of the main strategies towards which many global manufacturers of parts for sectors such as automotive, LED lighting and electronics are turning is the metal replacement polymeric materials in order to reduce weight. With the arrival of the electric vehicle, it is imperative that polymers be equipped with new features such as thermal and electrical conductivity for the metal replacement. For this reason, we are working on the development of new materials with thermal and electrical properties that can be adapted to every need.

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Current widespread use of technical polymeric materials in the industrial sector now requires plastic products with special electrical conductivity properties.

NUREL offers PA6 polymers with a wide range of electrical conductivity, from anti-static grades to highly conductive grades (from 10 ^ 12 to 10 Ohm).

Promyde® range also offers products that combine high levels of electrical conductivity with excellent thermal insulation. These functionalities make this range of materials an effective alternative for use in electrical applications.

Electroconductive compounds are used for applications such as:

Electrostatically painted parts, very thin electronic parts or electrostatic surfaces for medical applications.

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Promyde - Injection



Thermal Dissipators

NUREL offers the Promyde PA thermally conductive range suitable for replacing aluminum in heat sinks used in LED lights. This new PA6 compound facilitates efficient heat transfer away from electronic components, ensuring optimal operating temperatures. Combined with its electrical insulation properties and ease of processing, Promyde PA6 becomes the preferred material for manufacturing heat dissipators.

Disyuntores de poliamida fabricados con los polímeros de NUREL

Industrial electrical components

Electrical components must meet high requirements including high temperature resistance, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. This type of parts uses PA, PBT and PP compounds. These materials ensure optimum and safe performance in electrical applications.

Electric Vehicle

We have been working for years on the development of specific engineering polymers for electric vehicles, providing solutions to new challenges, such as improving their autonomy, safety and sustainability.


Eléctrico y electrónico

Electrical and electronic

NUREL polyamide PBT, PET and PBT/PET compounds are present in parts and components of electrical and household appliances. Parts molded with Promyde®, Proxylene or Recomyde® can be found in food processors, white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines and dryers.



Industrial sector demands special performance to meet the most demanding efficiency, durability and resistance requirements. Promyde® and Recomyde® polymers and composites provide technical and value-added solutions in the manufacture of industrial machinery and components.

Vehículos y transporte


Mobility and transportation has always been a leader in innovation for mechanical developments and process performance improvements. Thanks to our range of engineering polymers, NUREL participates in this race of continuous development with our offer in PA6, PA66, PBT and PET.

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