Promyde PA6 y 66


Our R&D department has developed a range of copolyamides that complements the functionality of conventional PA6, providing solutions that are highly demanded by the packaging industry:

  • Deep thermoforming solutions
  • Polyamides that remove curling in asymmetrical structures
  • Low temperature sealable polyamides
  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • Oxygen barrier solutions
  • Polyamides with high transparency that maintain their properties after pasteurization and retort
  • Vacuum packaging shrink film
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Promyde - Film

Other sustainable polyamide solutions

Barrier solutions

We have two new and innovative food packaging solutions to improve the oxygen barrier and permeability properties of polyamides.

Sealing films

Specially designed for the production of thermoforming films and vacuum bags, Promyde's portfolio includes sealable copolyamide with low sealing temperature.

Low curling films

This range of copolyamides reduces curling in polyethylene-polyamide coextrusion, thus saving the post-treatment hot water bath.


Thanks to our extensive range of copolyamides and barrier polymers, we provide solutions to achieve the recyclability of mono and multi-material packaging.


NUREL has developed a range of solutions with biosourced and biocircular content to reduce environmental impact and dependence on fossil sources.


Deep thermoforming

Deep thermoformed packaging is extensively utilized nowadays due to its numerous benefits, including lightweight, transparency, and gas barrier properties, necessitating the use of materials with high technical performance for its production.

Biopolímeros compostables y home compost para envases flexibles para líquidos.

Pasteurized and retort packaging

These containers are designed to withstand pasteurization and retorting processes, which are food preservation methods involving high temperatures and pressures, for which our latest generation copolyamides are the ideal material.

Vacuum Packaging

PA vacuum bags are commonly used to vacuum pack meats, fish, vegetables, cheese and prepared foods. Vacuum sealing helps to extend the shelf life of these products by preventing the growth of microorganisms that cause spoilage.

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