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Today, the management of supermarket bags is complex, due to their high volume of consumption, high volatility and high abandonment rate. In most cases, these bags end up in landfills or even in the sea, causing a huge environmental impact.

INZEA offers a wide range of biopolymers to achieve the extrusion and manufacture of supermarket bags, both reusable and lightweight bags, as well as very light section bags, disposable gloves, fresh food packaging with biodegradable and compostable properties.

In addition, these bags and consumables have equivalent mechanical properties to bags made from conventional plastics, both in terms of load-bearing strength and breakage and stiffness in their final application.

Advantages of biopolymers for pouches and consumables

INZEA biopolymers are intended for the manufacture of supermarket bags and consumables in different types of formats. INZEA’s wide range of products allows us to adapt to each extrusion manufacturing process.

We have a large team of experts to provide advice throughout the process of changing materials, helping to generate a more sustainable end product that complies with the regulations in force in each country.

INZEA offers solutions with a high bio-based content, different TÜV HOME COMPOST and TÜV OK COMPOST grades, transparent, food contact and grease resistant biopolymers, which can meet the needs of the most demanding retailers.

Compostability, biobased and food contact certifications

INZEA biopolymers offer TÜV OK COMPOST and TÜV OK HOME COMPOST certified grades that guarantee complete biodegradation at the end of their life cycle. In addition, INZEA products are TÜV Biobased content ASTM D6866 certified, in some cases reaching up to 60% biobased content. Moreover, NUREL has been certified with FSSC 22000, which guarantees the food safety of our production process. INZEA offers Food Contact grades according to EN 10/2011 and FDA regulation.


The world is changing and the plastics industry has to adapt to a new situation where sustainability is a priority for governments, businesses and consumers. INZEA® is our response to our customers’ demand for more sustainable plastic materials.

INZEA is a range of biopolymers which can replace traditional plastics in different applications such as bags, mono-use items and packaging, with the advantage of being biodegradable and compostable.

INZEA product range is obtained from renewable sources and is designed to return to nature by different disposal methodslike industrial & home composting, or by biodegradation in different environments.

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Bipolímeros compostables de INZEA para la fabricación de envoltorios para alimentos frescos con alta resistencia a líquidos y grasas.

Fresh food wrapping

INZEA® offers a sustainable, biodegradable and compostable paper-like solution especially suitable for fatty food contact applications.

Bolsas camiseta compostables gracias a los biopolímeros de INZEA.

T-shirt bag

INZEA® biopolymers can be used to produce a wide range of biodegradable and compostable T-shirt bags with a bio-based content of up to 60%.

Bolsas de sección compostables para fruta y verdura de INZEA.

Section bags for fruit and vegetables

Section bags for fruit and vegetables made from our INZEA® biopolymers meet the requirements for compostability and bio-based content.

Guantes desechables para la preparación de alimentos 100% compostables gracias a los biopolímeros compostables y biodegradables de INZEA.

Disposable gloves

INZEA® offers solutions for biodegradable and compostable disposable gloves that replace those made from conventional plastics.

Biopolímeros compostables para la fabricación de bolsas de pan.

Bread and pastry bags

For pastry and bakery bags, INZEA® offers compostable solutions that allow sealing and tearing, and even transparent solutions.

Biopolímeros compostables de INZEA para bolsas de residuos alimentarios.

Organic waste bags

INZEA offers biodegradable and compostable solutions for organic waste bags that promote waste management and improve the quality of the final compost.

Bolsas courrier compostables fabricadas a partir de los biopolímeros compostables de INZEA.

Courier bags

Aiming to replace unconventional plastics, INZEA offers solutions for biodegradable and compostable courier bags.



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